EU and Russia

Certainly, Russia two treaty proposal on security guarantees and measures constitute an opportunity address systematically the future of the relationship between Ukraine and Russia, Russia and the European Union:

Since parting ways in 1991 Russia has sought to reintegrate Ukraine into its orbit. This is driven by ambition and a desire for a Eurasien empire. The steppes nurture restlessness. What be done ? Russia could pay a ransom of 1 trillion USdollars for Crimnea. Seperatist forces and Russian forces should leave the Donbass region. Scenarios could be build on treaty-based cooperation between Ukraine and Russia.
Ukraine to accede to Eu, but not NATO.
Belarus to come under Russia security protection, yet free elections also to be held, i.e. Lukashenko must be ready to leave political office.
The republic of Moldova to accede to NATO and EU either as an independent country or through reunification with Romania.

South Ossetia, Abkhazia & Transnistria
Russian PKF to be relived of their duties subject to a negotiation between EU, the US and Russia..
EU Stabilisation Force to be deployed to Transnistria.
Georgia to be free to choose alliance – NATO & EU – provided it is transformed into a federation.
Once sanctions are lifted, strategic partnership to be launched, including dialogue on security and defence and implications of EU enlargement for Russia. Eu to engage Russia in Baltic, Arctic and Black Sea. EU to substantially upgrade Black Sea Strategy, included independent budget line.