The report, prepared by rapporteurs Guy Verhofstadt, Sven Simon, Gabriele Bischoff, Daniel Freund, and Helmut Scholz, aims to reshape the European Union (EU) by enhancing its capacity to act and improving its democratic legitimacy and accountability. Key proposals include:

  1. European Constitution: The report advocates for a new European Constitution that consolidates existing treaties and clarifies the EU’s fundamental principles.
  2. Citizens’ Participation: To enhance democratic representation, the report suggests introducing elections of the President of the European Commission by popular vote and creating a European Electoral Authority.
  3. European Senate: The establishment of a European Senate, representing member states, would strengthen the EU’s legislative process.
  4. European Public Prosecutor’s Office: The report proposes expanding the powers of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to combat cross-border crime effectively.
  5. European Armed Forces: It recommends creating a European Armed Forces to enhance security and defense cooperation.
  6. Social Rights: The report emphasizes social rights, including a European minimum wage and improved labor standards.
  7. Climate Action: The EU should lead in climate action, with binding targets and a European Climate Pact.
  8. Digital Sovereignty: The report calls for digital sovereignty, protecting citizens’ data and promoting European tech innovation.
  9. EU Budget: The report suggests a more flexible EU budget, allowing for strategic investments.
  10. EU Enlargement: The report addresses the accession process for new member states.