As part of the strengthening of Europol, I am proposing the establishment of an External Relations Unit in order to facilitate the development of police cooperation between EU and third countries. This applies to CELAC, the MED and the Black Sea, but also to the EU’s ten Strategic Partners.

In relation to China, the Triad is a major crime group with more than 20,000 members, which has its own interests but interchangeably also act as the prolonged arm of the more sinister parts of the Chinese deep state,  including beating up student protesters according to a recent feature on Arte.

The EU regulary issue reports on the developments in Hong Kong. While Xi Jinping may be correct about that John Lee has managed to restore order in HKSAR, this is just the beginning of the reconciliation process and rebuilding of trust between HKSAR and its populace, the EU and Hong Kong towards the removal of sanctions on HNK officials. The HKSAR government are making a good many right moves and a track has now been trodden out, but it fail to address the concerns of its partners effectively and with action-oriented strategies, to ensure fonctional integration in the government, to question the intellectual structure of what it is doing, to open up to the world, to explore the potential for developing the links between EU-China-HNK, and to modernize the ways it does things. It is also spending a lot of money. I have a plan how to address these issues, but bang my head up against a wall when I try to reach out to HKSAR government. I fail to understand why. I am a doer and a problem-solver, mature and well-intentioned.

Once the push-ups have been undertaken, the EU should consider adopting an action plan on how to fight the sprawling crime scene in China, beginning with Hong Kong. 14K, part of the triad, is involved in a wide range of criminal activities, including drug trafficking (heroin and opium), illegal gambling, money laundering, human trafficking, extortion and counterfeiting, arson, fraud, murder, kidnapping, money laundering, illegal gambling, contract murder, arms trafficking, prostitution and robberies. 14K has infiltrated Chinese restaurants in Belgium and Holland, and controls the export of drugs. Similiarly does it cooperate with other crime groups in France on heroin exports, in Ireland 14K is involved in traficking, it operates from London’s Chinatown und so weiter.

Here is a table of contents for an action plan against the 14K:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Background on the 14K
  3. Overview of the 14K’s criminal activities
  4. Current efforts to combat the 14 K
  5. Proposed Action Plan
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Timeline
  • Ressources
  • Conclusion

Among the strategies could be strengthened law enforcement cooperation, targeted sanctions and asset freezes, public awareness campaigns, strengthening of border controls, disruption of the organisation and its allies in both ends of Eurasia.

Joint Report on HKSAR

HKSAR Policy Adress 2023

European Parliament