As a new cycle
of EU politics approaches, there are plenty of opportunities
to advance the EU integration project:

1. EU
Media Carriers

An initiative towards the formation of
a European public sphere, implying the designation of five tv networks to be
installed into all television sets of EU citizens.

Entry point
France24: Editorial intervention and design statement on new HQ.

For a modelling
of a European public sphere, see paper on ICT at

To be buttressed
by a doubling of funds for the MEDIA-programme.

2. Dialogue
with the Vatican

blog at

3. EMU
– the fourth dimension

I’m in favor of developing a Euro Bond-regime towards
a streamlined model, whereby Italy ( 2ys), France (5ys) and Germany (10 ys)
guarantees the futures debt issuance of the Eurozone under harmonized issuance
calendars, to be administed by a
centralized debt mamangement office.

4. EU
Center of Excellence on Metropolitan Governance

To be created to develop standards of excellence in
metropolitan governance in support of disbursement of cohesion funds based on
standards of urban governance such as global urban power index. To include a capital district building programme and to be
backed-up by research at ULB Bruxelles on city governance.

5. Introduction
of EU an pilot tax

are in favour of the introduction of an EU tax, initially as a pilot scheme in
Europe’s regions, included Lombardia, Catalonia, Flandern, Crete and Burgundy.

Harmonisation of budget and election cycle

TFEU opens-up the possibity of harmonizing the budget cycle to five years to
coincide with the elelction cycle of the European parliament.

7. Energy

EU must finally develop into a fully-fledged energy
actor in the energy markets, see

To be one of four strategies towards UNSC-reform. The
others area Gaia-centric approach, organized around UNCED-diplomacy ( the
Climate Treaty), IMF/World bank-reform and then anthroprocentric, focusing on
maximizing welfare for as many people as possible ( Copenhagen Consensus).

8. Climate

I am in favour of a reform of the Paris agreement
based on greater funds for research and development of green technologies.

Building of the research vessel Aurora Borealis under
Europolar, if necessary through allocation of EU funds.

9. Defence

I would like to see the installation of a defense commissioner
as head of the defense DG to manage the future security and defense policies of
the European Union.

10. MEPP

I’d like to see a more active role of EU in the Middle
East Peace Process. A review of the Euro-MED strategy is long overdue towards a
substantial increase in funding, included for EIB’s North African offices.

11. Enlargement
and Integration

Enlargement of the European Union to Montenegro and
North Macedonia, and subsequently Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo and Albania is on
the agenda during the next presidential term 2019-2024. There is Turkey pending
a resolution and solution to the Cyprus conflict en faute de mieux a
strategic partnership could be envisaged.

12. Treaty

To crown the effort, treaty change could be

On the IGC Agenda are (a) the universalization of the
community method – 1 st plliarization (b)
editorial: the insertion of the Charter for Fundametal Human Rights at
the top of the treaties (c) integration of the Financial pact into the
Treaties, (d) regulation of a Common European Defence (e) insertion of articles
on EU as a foreign economic actor (f) insertion of articles concerning a
strengthening of the EU Com Presidency prerogatives under the alliance clause (g) majority voting in the field of CFSP.