EU’s Dialogue with Religious Communities

Jewish Organisations

Follow-up on FRA’s report on discrimination and
hate-crimes against Jews: (1) Work
with the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and Israel, Member States and Raxen in
order to for-mulate a common EU strategy and action plans among Member States (2) Set EU money aside to living but
dwindling Jewish communities in Europe in danger of disappearing (3)
Propose EU-EJC-UNESCO Joint Projects on Jewish Heritage-sites in Europe.

Criticism: (1) Compilation of various legal
instruments > Normatisation (2)
Absence of EU Strategy (3) Inchoate
collection method (4) Administrative
set-up at MS-level undocu-mented, and if documented likely uneven without proper
attention given to actionable follow-up:

> EU Strategy & MS Action Plans:

> Enfopol –– Joint Investigation Team (JIT):
Anti-Semitism-Anti-Islamisation > < ECJ Counter-part- Israeli Counter-part
, Europol-Israel Unit ?

> Media Awareness Campaign > < EJC /Israeli counter-part: What is Anti-Semitism Manual

> Review of National Anti-Racism Coordinators: Interface UN-EU &
CERD-EU Centre for Xenophobia ?

Or in more crude terms: It makes
little sense to propound and integrate love of commu-nity, in return for the
departure of Europe’s Jews. EU needs to act decisively before it is too late –
notably in France, Hungary, Ukraine & Greece – the assistance of Enfopol
will be ne-cessary to ensure an effective clampdown. The cooptation of EJC into
policy has amelio-rated the knowledge data base – not led to an effective

Muslim Organisations

Mull a common curricula for Member
State-recognised Immam-education . Expel fake, frail and low-quality Immams (+400), who refuses to lustrate. Ask
for a map of all mosques in EU, and locate those where could be an object of a
joint EU-MS Action Plan towards anti-radicalization ?

Set funds aside towards a comparative
study on Secularisation and Islamisation patterns among diaspora Muslims in
Europa > EuroMesCo-Chicago
Divinity School-Kings College

Mediterranean Research Project:
Mapping and Trend analysis of political Islamists in the Southern Mediterranean
countries > EuroMesCo-Aix-En-Provence-Issam Fares.

Strengthen statistics on crime
patterns among Muslims in EU and Member States, without engaging in illicit ethnic
profiling, even as a barometer of the success of integration policies are hatched.
Consider meeting-series on integration policies and propose policies for re-duction
in crime rate among Muslim brethren in close dialogue with Muslim organizations
and Member State authorities. Consider strengthening dialogue with the JHA attachés
of the Mediterranean countries out of Bruxelles. Develop modules for EU
front-line police officers in order to sensitive them to racist attitudes out
of CEPOL ?

The production of educational
material in Arab, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish languages of European cultural
icons, and vice-versa an anthology of those languages areas’ cultural
achievements in European languages in furtherance of the objectives of the Anna
Lindh-Foundation, which are an integral part of the Barcelona-process?

JIT-Enfopol Task Force Anti-Semitism: