The UK’s way
back to Europe

It appears
safe to say that the UK have to change, and that a slap in the face from the
High North has been given to the establishment in Westminister, which has to be
taken quite seriously, following the
vote in Scotland – the Indyref. Mr. Cameron’s doorstep-statement promises well.

A modern,
more European United Kingdom has to be made the fulcrum for the efforts ahead.

elements stands out in need of consideration.

First, as just
as much as Cameron is a Scotsman as the scots are British, these issues have to
be put on the UK-wide political agenda and addressed head-on: (1) Reduction of
Inequality, (2) Reduction of Price-Inflations (3) UK Infrastructure Investment
Plan (4) UK-wide Devolution Plan: UK Administrative Reform & Scottish Settlement (5) Moderni-sation
of the UK Monetary Union: Neither Braveheart nor Gibraltar nor Faroe Islands. A
pragmatic approach could be one-size fits bill and British money supply series
minted and designed by Bank of Scotland, only , and internationally
convertible. RBS to be handed back to the Scottish investors at the earliest
convenient moment.

Second, the
negotiations on the White Paper should be undertaken in an equanimous and representative atmosphere
on the premise that Power-sharing is the oppo-site coin of economic
power-sharing, and provided the push-ups on the Point One are conducted with a
certain amount of determination. The arrangements agreed could then be made subject to
a new referendum.The message should’t be: Don’t be like us, but rather the UK government should itself what it can do to enrich all parts of the realm.

The UK Export and & Investment Agency, e.g., could be made into more an umbrella-organisation, allowing the four nations to buy-in on their services and to develop National Investment Plans. Economic Developments Plans could be hatched at metropolitan level.

Third, it
should be considered to make an investigation into the rights of the
constituent nations’ communal rights, as though Scots, Welsh & Irishmen
were holding rights as a minority of the UK. In particular, the Celtic language
needs to be strengthened and other forms of expression of autonomous, national
identity should be allowed, without questioning the Englishmen’s hegemony over
the British isle, even as Great Britain is re-balanced and good governance reasserted
at all relevant decision-making levels.The UK parliament should be strengthened, and the reforms introduced consolidated.

Fourth, a
dialogue with the EU Commission should be conducted in order to better
understand the needs and desires of the parties. The United Kingdom is welcome
in the European Union, and the EU works best when its constituent part
interacts and cooperate in a harmonious manner in a spirit of loyalty to the
national center and with a Pro-European approach.

Are there
positive effects on the genie, the UKIP, let out of the bottle by the Tory
Government from the comprehensive review ahead, so much the better, Eadric